fredag 15 augusti 2008

Don't Avert That Uncertain Gaze
Video, 2008.
A new video work by Andreas Kurtsson containing two black marbles.

Self presentation:
I was born in 1975 in Kalmar, Sweden. I studied art theory and history, english language and comparative literature at Lund University 1996-2000. After a couple of years of creative pratice I switched to studying fine arts and graduated from Umeå Art Academy in 2007. I now live and work in Malmö. I am also part of the sound collective Laika.
As All Spec Kit and Andres Corazón I produce music in various forms. The alias TV-OUT holds my VJ-activities with Erik Sandelin of The work I produce is mostly based on video, photography and sound. My material can be observations of everyday life, found media, discarded stuff or the results of systematic processes. I'm fascinated by the human urge to give meaning to what we experience, how we value things and how that is manifested through language. I try to keep my use of tools simple, and working methods include recontextualising material or just pointing at something.


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