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Musikvideoafton Music video evening

Abandoned Gallery welcomes you to a music video evening!
Friday the 3rd of April at 18-21

Mario Asef, born in Argentina. Lives and works in Berlin.
Narve Hovdenakk, born in Norway, lives and works in Oslo.
And a music performance by BORDET, noise from Malmö at 8 p.m.

Bothered by the Border / Mario Asef 2006/08
Almost every day dozens of pensioners meet in the Tapgol Park in Seoul and sing karaoke. The PA's are so close to one another that the melodies mix and the park sinks into a chaotic atmosphere of celebration. Many of the participants belog to the war generation who experienced the subdivision of Korea. Mario Asef improvises a song for them. The video work Bothered by the Border documents that performance.

Nästan varje dag möts dussintals pensionärer i Tapgol Park i Seoul för att sjunga karaoke. PA-systemen är så nära varandra att melodierna beblandas och parken omvandlas till en kaotisk atmosfär av firande. Många av deltagarna tillhör generationen som upplevde delningen av Korea. Mario Asef improviserar en sång till dem. Videon Bothered by the Border dokumentera
r hans uppträdande.

Mario Asef, Bothered by the Border, 2006/08. www.marioasef.net

Är två typer från Malmö som snubblar ohämmat i skuggorna av ruset från en tegelsten och kopiatorpulver. De är inte ute efter att stänga av utan att starta upp, att hälla i istället för att välta ut - gnällspikar är rätt tattiga över lag, BORDET förespråkar high fives och dumhög volym. Formlöst och massivt, sammanhållet av en delad skalp och en drös sladdar - tung freakout! BORDET!

Is two weird boys outta Malmö who let their insides spew forth like green jelly crust on your brainwave radio recievers. In times of financial crisis you gotta turn to satisfying your own NOW with overwhelming dense sounds and attack. Heavy and unrelentingly weird noise drownscapes. The BORDET boys are stoked to jam Abandoned Gallery. Swing your jaws!


BORDET, http://bordet.mwab.org/

Talking to the Boss / Narve Hovdenakk 2003/04

I en fiktiv dialog med Bruce Springsteen om manlighet, drömmar och kärlek ifrågasätts hans roll som The Boss-skapandet av machomytologin. Hovdenakk kräver svar från sin förebild. Varför känner han sig tom på insidan? Vad hände med alla drömmar? Vad innebär det att vara man? Om inte The Boss vill lyssna eller kan svaren - vem har det då?

In a fictiv dialog with Bruce Springsteen about manhood, dreams and love his roll as The Boss is questioned - the creation of the macho mythology. Hovdenakk demands answers from his role modell. Why is he feeling so empty on the inside? What happend to all the dreams? What does it mean being a man? If not The Boss cares to listen or have the answers - who does?


For the last couple of years I've reconstructed designed identities in the pop culture and played with some of the same seductive stragedies used in TV and media. This has been necessary for understanding some of popular cultures influence into our everyday life and of course to deal with my own obsessions.

A lot of my art production is a visual sampling that goes in a direct dialog with mainstream film that is pumping out on the commercial marked. I seek to seduce and destroy the narration by deconstructing the potential material and then reconstruct the narration by staging a form of critical masculinity and pop syllogism. My latest videos are about betrayal and pain. A pain that questions how it is possible to exist as an integrated individual and as a metro sexual man in a postmodern society. By playing with the cliches and being in the entertainment I am trying to give some alternative meaning. The fiction has become reality.

By screening my videos in alternative ways I want to challenge the viewers, the films can be seen as single-channel videos or as more complex video installations.

Text by Narve Hovdenakk.

For more information about the artist please visit:


All the best
Norberg, curator.

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