onsdag 5 maj 2010


Abandoned Gallery is proud to present Jennifer Vanderpool, Los Angeles, USA.

Vanderpools exhibition Förgylld Trädgård will be a Technicolor, varied media, indoor garden installation that germinates a dialogue between allure and entrapment, seduction and demise. The potential polarizing of ideals and realities will be exemplified both in the form and content of Förgylld Trädgård.

Vanderpool employed a conceptual
compost heap of items collected from her past to build the garden. From the heaps of refuse and memory will emerge her topography of flowers made
of plastic bags, duct tape, and bubble wrap blooming among bedazzled suspended sculptures that extrude viscous trails laden with glittery treasures and shiny beads. Her playful and vivid compositions serve as pleasant distractions to the daunting realities of wanton consumption. A darker truth lurks in the bushes of this Fool’s Paradise as the piles of discarded remnants threaten to overtake us. However the capacity for renewal lies in transforming the wisdom of our errors into a new mythology.

Vanderpool creates large scale installations that include video, animation, audio, and performative elements. Vanderpool’s working process often explores her heartland roots where she was raised to be a gritty domestic goddess. She now employs her shopping skills to gather food stuffs and landscaping goods to create multifaceted and sometimes meande
ring installations that comment on domesticity, constructed environments, and pop culture.

Vanderpool has exhibited at museums and galleries in the United States, Mexico, Hungary, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. Her work has been wr
itten about in The New York Times, Art Papers, Artweek, Art Ltd., Angeleno, Atlanta Journal Constitution, The Houston Chronicle, Kansas City Star, Tulsa World, Dagens Nyheter, Politiken, and El Universal as well as numerous other national and international publications. She has been awarded two International Artist Grants from the Danish Arts Council, and has also received project funding from the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.

For more information: www.jennifervanderpool.com

Abandoned Gallery invites you to Jennifer Vanderpools Artist Talk.
Thursday 13/5 at 19-20
at Bragegatan 15, Malmö.

A warm welcome
Anna Norberg, curator

Med stöd av Malmö Stad.

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