lördag 16 februari 2008

Vernissage. Heike Bollig.

Konstnären Heike Bollig från Berlin visar filmen move på Abandoned Gallery.
Vernissage 22 februari kl. 17-21.

The starting situation of this work shows a group of visitors in my studio who move around the room. It is possible for each of them to decide that the whole group should stand still, by standing still himself. By starting to move again, he decides that the group should start moving again. The aim is to locate the moment of a decision and to recognize the chain of subsequent reactions.

Thanks to Tanja Schomaker and members of Akademie der Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin, Kurs 34/WS 07-08

Self presentation Heike Bollig
In the recent past, I have been creating work in such a way that it distinguishes itself from the everyday either solely by means of its context or as a result of the conspicuous presence of small absurdities. Some of the pieces are public interventions, some are collaborations with groups like choirs, students and artists. Other works involvethe analysis of personal environment using primarily observation of situations and objects of my everyday life. Ambivalent feelings toward my own artistic practice are a theme in my work, as illustrated in one of my written works "A Glimpse of Alexanderplatz," about my pursuit of a group of thimbleriggers whom I invited to participate in an exhibition while considering the contrairiness in participatory art .In my search for an appropriate attitude to my cultural and social environment, I also try to focus and reflect on uncertainties with respect to formal questions and to the development of my professional career. Since 2004, I have been assembling a sequential archive of everyday objects including beer bottles, a stamp, plastic folders,books and newspapers, all of which have manufacturing errors. Each object tells a special story about its production and makes a concise record of the moment that went out of control. For the last 3 years, I have been primarily occupied with the concept of right and wrong and the significance of errors in the context of art, behaviour and commerce, and the possibility of deconstructing inflated technical, cultural and social ideologies.

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