onsdag 14 januari 2009

MLP January 23 2009

Abandoned Gallery presents our first one night only event.
A My Little Pony Evening.

Welcome to A My Little Pony evening friday the 23 of January at 5 p.m. - 9 p.m.
It will be a nostalgic as well as a serious evening. If you have any ponies at home, a cup, a shirt or anything relating to MLP please bring it and we will put it on display in the gallery. You can also bring a drawing or a written text on the subject MLP - critical or maybe based on memories. Filmclips as well as vintage commercials will be shown throughout the evening. Curator Anna Norberg and Art Historian Karin Westeman will present texts as well as some other interesting information concerning MLP. Parts of their childhood collection will be on display. We look forward to an evening of interesting meetings and discussions.

Anna is contemplating about MLP. Really, what was it all about? Why did I love them so much? What did the ponies do all day long? Were they all girls or did they have a gender at all? One thing is for sure, the commersial MLP-world was not the same as my MLP-world but I was ofcourse influenced by it. To re-fresh your memory: MLP was created by Hasbro, the first edition is from 1983 presenting six ponies. You can find MLP in toystores today but they look diffrent from the 1980's MLP. As an exampel: the legs are slimmer today as well as their bodies and the eyes are bigger and more "sparkley". The pink bubble of Rainbow Valley raises a lot of questions about fantasy worlds created by companies. But also you can't help that warm feeling you get from looking at your old toys. My MLP collection really makes me understand how a moulded plastic object stirs up a lot from the past. In what way did MLP influence me? Look at the picture above, from grooming ponies to grooming myself. Is there a connection? Did I learn this from playing? The funny thing is, MLP has nothing to do with real horses or ponnies. I didn't even like the real thing. So what was it all about? The picture of the three ponies features Emma's favourites.
Pictures from the My Little Pony Evening.

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